Kung Fu Hip-Hop 2

LT is the leader of the best hip-pop dance crew in town, and they call themselves ENCORE. ENCORE is the most famous crew in the circle of hip-pop, and frequently they are challenged by crews from out-of-the-town. Nevertheless, LT and his men have never lost a battle. Very soon, this crew is discovered by Ye, the boss of a entertainment company, and who is very interested in owning Encore crew. The day after ENCORE defeated their most recent challenge, LT was called upon to do a favor for a friend, who got sick and was supposed to teach a dance lesson. This was how the boy met the girl. Mian is a very beautiful girl, who is a professionally trained ball-room dancer, and who knew nothing about hip-pop. Frankly, she personally didn’t like hip-pop at all. The reason she took the lesson because her boyfriend asked her to find new inspiration for their new piece, which they would bring to the world championship competition. During the lesson, LT found himself ‘accidentally tripped’ and ‘accidentally kissed’ the young lady. He surprised himself. Mian despised hip-pop even more. Mian went back home, and despite all the humiliation she felt and much to her dismay, she was easily comforted and persuaded by her boyfriend to continue the inspiration search. LT sent her a text message, and asked her to come to The Hall to observe the real hip-pop. Mian showed up at The Hall, and was surprised by how young people there admire and worship LT. LT delivered a magnificent force of unity inside the Hall, and for the first time, Mian began realize how hip-pop could have such a strong influence on people. That night after she went home, when she practiced in front of the mirror, she found herself cannot get rid of all the moving images of LT in her mind. LT was invited by Ye to meet him, and Ye told LT his intention. LT told Ye that this was not a decision for him to make alone. He needed to talk to his crew about this. When LT told the news to the crew, they all agreed on that they’d be better off on their own. They’d prefer more fun and more freedom. Without anyone’s notice, Prince was the only one who thought otherwise. LT was not surprised that Mian asked for a second lesson. This time, he didn’t let any accident happen. When Mian questioned about hip-pop’s lack of artistic essence, LT questioned Main, what’s fun to dance when people around you constantly reminded you what you’d done wrong. In Hip-pop, no one can tell you that you’ve done wrong or you are not cutup for this. Hip-pop is your identity. No one gets to say you are not you. Main went speechless. When the two were about to walk out of the Dance Academy building, Mian saw her boyfriend, Qiu, was dancing with another girl in the room down the hall. They were dancing quite passionately. LT received a call from Peter, who told him that Prince left the crew. LT went to see Ye and saw Prince was sitting next to him. Prince explained to LT that the reason he did this was because he needed money. His mother was sick. LT went back and cried in front of his crew. He blamed himself for not knowing about Prince’s family situation. It was his fault that Prince had to leave all of them. He was right. Prince suffered from his action too. But the choice was limited. Mian confronted Qiu about his passionate dance with some other girl. Qiu found him not guilty because he was simply doing the same inspiration search. He found that girl have something he needed, so he went for it. He got what he needed, and that girl didn’t mean anything any more. He told Mian to let it go, but Main was shocked by how cruel Qiu sounded. Mian couldn’t stand sitting next to Qiu, so she stood up and left. To her surprise, Qiu didn’t even look up while she walked out of the restaurant. Next day, when LT and Mian met in the classroom, either was in a very good mood. They didn’t say much, and they battled with dance. Mian surprisingly found how hip-pop can help one letting out the emotions so straightforwardly. She had a great time dancing and all her anger was thrown behind. Prince didn’t enjoy working with Ye. Ye knew it. He knew Prince, as ENCORE’s main dance chorographer, had much more to offer, and he also knew what Prince needed the most. In order to get enough money for his mother’s operation, Prince had to make a very hard decision. Time passed, as Mian kept going to dance lessons, beginning to have new opinion about Hip-pop as well as new feelings toward LT, and Prince trained Ye’s own crew really hard with all he got. One day, ENCORE was challenged by a new crew in town, and this crew turned out knowing every move and combination ENCORE own. In the end, Prince showed up in front of LT. Prince was ready to face LT’s accusation, but instead he received LT’s warm handshake, and was given the credit for accomplishing such an amazing job training these newbies. Finally Qiu apologized to Main for his deed and reaction on the other day, and begged for her forgiveness. Main, again, gave him what he wanted without hesitation. Qiu then asked Main to stop going to the hip-pop lessons, because he thought they were ready. Main suddenly found herself hesitated. Main went out with LT and tried to tell him about the termination of their lesson, but couldn’t do it. That night, when LT walked her home, LT climbed up to her room and told her how he felt about her. Mian was pleased to hear that. The more confused she was, the stronger the feeling for him she found inside her. Qiu, waiting outside for Mian to come home that night, saw everything. Prince was asked to prepare the crew for nationwide competition, and was promised with all the awarding money for his mother’s operation. Prince agreed to do his best. However, later his girlfriend overheard Ye talking to his second in commend about what he had promised Prince was merely a lie. Prince’s girlfriend found Peter, and asked for help. After discussing with LT, ENCORE decided to join the competition and win that money on their own. At home, Qiu proposed to Mian with an amazingly beautiful piece of dance, and totally overwhelmed, Mian said yes. Again, Qiu asked Main to tell LT the truth, and Main found herself unable to break LT’s heart. Without knowing anything about Mian’s engagement, LT asked Mian to help them cerograph some new pieces. Main joined LT’s practices, and put the truth of engagement behind her mind. One day, Mian was spotted by Qiu being happily hanging out with ENCORE, and he knew that she hadn’t told him the truth. Qiu sent a few friend to tell LT about his engagement to Mian, and warned him to stay away from her. When LT confronted Mian with this, Mian had to face the reality that she had not been completely honest with LT. Qiu’s family threw a huge engagement party for the two, and all of LT’s friends told extremely depressed LT to get her back. LT had no intention in doing such thing. Not until Prince showed up and asked for getting back to ENCORE, and told LT that he would never gave up on anyone of crew, in spite of the betrayal, and Mian is already part of the crew, did LT found the courage to fight for what he loved. With LT’s admission of having Prince back, Prince told LT that he would go back right away to terminate contract with Ye. LT showed up at Mian’s engagement. But before he was able to say what he prepared to say to Mian, a phone call came in. Peter told LT that Prince got beaten for leaving Ye, and needed his rescue right away. LT left for rescue without saying a word. LT got to The Hall and saved Prince from Ye. When he carried Prince to the hospital, he found Mian’s father was there too. Not only did he pay for all the medical charges of Prince’s mother, he invited LT for a private talk. He told LT that Mian had her own decision to make, but right now LT owed him one hundred thousand. Therefore right now LT didn’t have the luxury to waste his time on other thing except completely focus on winning the competition. At the end of their conversation, Main’s father told LT that she would gave him an answer after the game. During the competition, Main showed up and helped ENCORE winning the final battle. But immediately after the final showdown, Mian left with Qiu to the airport before LT got a chance to talk to her. This time LT wouldn’t let himself give up without a fight. LT followed her to the airport and told her that he loved her. He warned her that he would followed her anywhere she went and he would not let her get away this time. Mian smiled. Qiu sighed. Main told LT that she was running late and tried to catch the plane for their world championship. She would be back in just a few days. She thought her father would explain this to LT. LT wiped his tears, and laughed. Mian’s father indeed tried to talk to him, but he disappeared merely after hearing the first a few words: Mian left with Qiu... Not this time she will not!!

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